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Budget: Due to COVID-19, the county will be experiencing a budgetary shortfall in the coming years.  It is important the county does not balance the budget on the backs of the working and middle class.  We cannot during this time of economic uncertainty take away material benefits from the people.  We as a county must be creative with the budget in order to support our residents. 

Environment: I believe that we all must do our part to fight against the damage being done to our planet through climate change.  Climate change is a systemic process that is rooted in corporate policies and procedures.  As such, I will consider environmental costs when reviewing budgetary items. Not only will these expenditures need to make financial sense, but they will have to make environmental sense.  This includes intentionally promoting and integrating green energy, as well as rethinking how we develop our infrastructure in Hamilton County. 

Criminal Justice:  This summer has brought many criminal justice concerns to light.  Though these issues are being addressed by cities across Indiana, they need to be addressed by the county as well.  One way to address these concerns is to restructure responses to emergency calls relating to mental health concerns.  By dispatching mental health workers for these calls, community members needing assistance may receive more specialized support to safely address and de-escalate the situation. This also means changing how the county looks at cash bail for those who can't afford it.  These changes will both assist in preventative efforts and make Hamilton County a more humanitarian place to live.

Infrastructure:  As Hamilton County continues to develop and grow, we must strive to provide first class infrastructure.  With the wealth that exists in this county, there is no excuse to not make our infrastructure as environmentally and labor friendly as possible.  As such, new work should be environmentally friendly and contracts should be extended to firms with a unionized workforce.  By contracting with local pro-worker firms, Hamilton County would be actively giving back to its residents and supporting the strong middle class that lives within the county. Infrastructure investment must benefit all parties involved, not just the few. 

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