• Victor Schleich

Let's Go Win!

Many have asked me, "Why are you running? You know that a Democrat can't win in Hamilton County!" I must admit, not to long ago I was asking the same thing. A fascinating facts that I enjoy sharing about Hamilton County is that it has never had a Democrat win a majority in a Presidential Election since the county's formation. This year is different.

It is a common cliche, but this election is going to be a historical election. The University of Virginia's Center for Politics (a.k.a. Sabato's Crystal Ball) has officially moved the Indiana 5th Congressional District to a Toss-Up. This famously republican district includes our county. Carmel and Fishers are becoming more and more Democratic. This county is turning blue.

That change is coming this election. The suburbs of Indianapolis are no longer solid Republican votes because the inequities perpetuated by the Republican Party are now in the open. From the President of the United States to here in Hamilton County, the Republicans have become the party of corporate handouts and the racist status quo. The citizens of Hamilton County have had enough. It is time for a change.

When they look at candidates like me, they see a concerned neighbor fight against the corporate poisoning of our atmosphere. When they look at candidates like me, they see an ally fight for an actively Anti-Racist county. When they look at candidates like me, they see a member of the working class fighting to be able to afford to live in this wonderful county.

I know what problems the everyday person faces here in this county, not my wealthy Republican opponents. Our change is within grasp, but its going to be up to us to make it happens. I understand fully how tight finances may be, so please donate as little or as much as you are comfortable with. The ripples of your few dollars or few minutes volunteering will amplify among the diversity of your neighbor’ voices as well. Together, we will be a wave of change and progress. We are the future of Hamilton County, so let's go win!

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